“I think life on earth should be more than just solving problems… It’s got to be inspiring, even if it is vicarious.” – Elon Musk

About Codem

Codem was founded in 2016 by developer Chris Truter, with a mission to help companies to make their vision and business objectives a reality. Our goal is to expedite this process, partnering with our clients to make their concepts a reality.

While Codem is based in Cape Town, South Africa, meetings, briefings, and reviews are usually conducted online over Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other video platforms. We are always striving to give the best to our clients – the best quality, at the best price, at the best service.

Curiosity, Future Driven, Innovative, Personal, Excellence,  Different, Creative

Meet our CEO

Codem CEO

From as young as 5 years old, Chris showed remarkable curiosity towards technology. Finding things like radios and clocks around the house to take apart and put back together. He saw things for what they were, how they worked, and what they possibly could be.

When he was 7, his mother brought home their first computer, and Chris was hooked. He knew the inside and out of that computer, so much so that he quickly became the go-to person when a computer needed to be fixed.

Chris didn’t grow up in the wealthiest family and quickly learned that if he wanted something, he would have to work for it.
His entrepreneurial skills quickly came forward at the age of 11 when he decided he was going to start “DJ’ing” dances for his friends’ parties. With the money, he could then buy speakers, re-sell them, and buy new ones.

At 12, he got his first real job, which was delivering newspapers in his neighborhood. After that, he became a waiter at a local restaurant. He then went on to start his career in sound engineering by lending a hand to a Sound and Lighting Company. Here, he was able to learn about the business world and how it all comes together.

When Chris left school he went to CTI in Cape Town where he got a BSc Computer Software degree from the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh.

He worked for 4 other companies before deciding it is time to do business again. He established Codem on the grounds of creating innovative, future driven and personal development.